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I co-founded Kindara Inc, and created the Kindara app, one of the leading women's health apps on the iOS App Store. I designed the feature set, UX, and UI for the app, which has a 5 star rating with over 2000 reviews. It has been #1 in the Free Medical category, and is consistently ranked in the top 20. Users rave about the usability and design.

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Fertility is mystifying for many people. With Kindara, we wanted to give people the knowledge, tools and support so they could take control of their fertility without the use of exogenous hormones, IUDs, or barrier methods.  A woman can only get pregnant during her fertile window, which lasts for about 6 days each cycle. A woman who charts her fertility signs daily, and has a solid knowledge of the Fertility Awareness Method, can see when she is fertile, and when she is not. She can use this information to avoid, or achieve pregnancy, according to her fertility goals.
User Quote: 
“I haven’t been using birth control pills, couldn’t do the hormones... I noticed I had no sex drive...Messed with my mind. I found Kindara. It was like this light that I was drawn to. It totally connected you with your body. “
App Function:

The UX of Kindara is focused on 1) ease of data entry of primary and secondary fertility indicators (waking body temperature, cervical fluid consistency, menstruation), and 2) data visualization allowing women to time their sexual experiences with their fertility goals (either becoming pregnant or avoiding pregnancy).
Data screen: 
The UI is designed to keep users engaged and consistently using the app. The more data a user enters, the more accurate and useful the data becomes. Kindara opens to the data entry screen the first time it is opened each day. The data screen directs users to enter data in a descending flow of relevance, for optimal efficiency and effectiveness.
User Quote: 
“For me. Because we’re catholic and don’t use birth control. Being able to control and understand my body better. Since I started FAM and Kindara has helped., helped me understand myself better than I did before. Before I was floating in the dark. I show it to my friends all the time.”
Chart Screen: 
The data is compiled in a chart, accessible via tabbed navigation at the bottom of the screen. The chart reveals when a woman has entered her fertile window and when she leaves it. Fertility data is useful when it is displayed in a way that the user can understand and implement in her life. Kindara intuitively visualizes the complex interaction of data points in a way that clearly reveals a user’s fertility patterns.
User Quote: 
“I like that it’s a large graph and I like the bright colors and the visual appeal of the graph. And that CF and temp are both on the same part. It’s simple to use. I’ve used other apps, but they take longer to enter and also the graph isn’t easy to use. “
Calendar Screen:
The calendar gives women an alternate method for inputting and visualizing data, and shows predictions for future menstruation and fertile windows.
User Quote: 
“I found Kindara in my last year of college. I became obsessed. I just moved out to LA and I was long distance, sending my boyfriend my charts. He loved it.. I talk about ovulation like it’s gospel, because it is. “
 This feature gives users a forum for viewing other women’s charts, connecting with women who have similar fertility goals, and has been a source of support and friendship for our users.  
User Quote: 
“I’ve met one of my best friends through Kindara. I’m actually going to visit her in a few weeks. There’s a lot of that that happens. I met another girl through Kindara in Atlanta. It’s been life changing in that respect as a support network for many of us.”
Knowledge Base: 
Kindara's Knowledge Base is a robust collection of articles and FAQs about and relating to fertility tracking. We set out to give women the knowledge, tools, and support to effectively chart their fertility. The knowledge base helps educate women about fertility charting, which they may have had little exposure to prior to downloading the app.
User Quote: 
"I think it’s very useful. The knowledge base is really awesome...I’m a reader. Everything I needed was right there. This is what this means and this is what I’m looking out for. These days right here is when I’m ovulating. The knowledge base set me up to know my body well."
User Quote: 
"This app changed my life" 
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