Wink Packaging - Wink Wireless Fertility Thermometer

I designed a multi-featured product packaging for Wink, Kindara’s wireless oral fertility thermometer that syncs to the Kindara mobile app. My motivation in this packaging design was to connect usability and elegance to a purpose that benefits humanity. This packaging has shipped worldwide with over 7000 units, generating over $1,200,000 in sales revenue for my company, Kindara. Wink’s packaging creates a beautiful, yet cost-effective means of elegantly showcasing our first consumer electronics product.

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Wink was created to help women chart their fertility cycles. I wanted my customers to feel respected and cherished, through the experience of opening packaging that would occur as a gift. Wink’s product packaging features elements of physical user interface to intuitively guide the user through unboxing and setup.
The box containing Wink is enveloped in a vibrant, sliding enclosure. The enclosure features geometric shapes, gold leaf debossed text, and a sophisticated color palette designed to convey style and excitement.
Once the sliding enclosure is removed, a large, gold leaf debossed Kindara logo is revealed, connecting the experience of receiving a gift to the Kindara brand and Wink’s purpose. The elegant box is matte black, with a soft touch finish.
A brightly contrasting sticker intuitively directs the user to the functional edge of the package opening; a magnetic flap closure.
Once opened, the product is revealed, nested within a color-matched, matte black foam encasement.
When the product is removed, the use of negative space visually directs the user to additional packaging below, containing the Quick Start Guide and charging cable.
The Quick Start Guide and charging cable are each contained in small boxes, providing an experience of opening more gifts, and further tying a pleasant and exploratory opportunity to the purpose of the showcased product.
The charging cable is bound with a CordSnap™, a patent-pending cable-management product that I designed and developed.
Wink’s Quick Start Guide includes a note to the user, stating: “You now own the most advanced fertility thermometer ever made. We created Wink because we care about you and your fertility. You deserve beautiful, well-designed tools to manage your reproductive health, and we hope Wink brings a sense a calm confidence to your experience of being a woman. Love, Kindara.” The note expresses our love, respect, and support for women, whatever phase of their fertility journey they may be in.
Wink’s packaging design creates beautiful, intuitive, user engagement with the product, and a customer experience of joy and excitement, that heightens value of the product, and brand.
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